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Arbitral Appointments

Arbitration Experience - General:

Mr. Matthews has been an arbitrator or advocate in more than 150 arbitrations. Cases include disputes over domestic and international business matters, construction, employment relations, securities, health care, insurance and reinsurance, intellectual property and technology. Arbitrations have been ad hoc and under the auspices of AAA/ICDR, NASD, ICSID, ICC and other dispute resolution forums. He has been an Advocate and an Arbitrator in class arbitrations under the Special Class Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association.
In 2010 Mr. Matthews was inducted as a fellow into the College of Commercial Arbitrators.
Arbitration Lists:
  • AAA/ICDR International Arbitration Panel
  • AAA Commercial and Construction Panel
  • AAA Large, Complex Case Panel
  • AAA Class Arbitration Panel
  • Hong Kong International Arbitration Court, International Panel
  • FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) Roster of Neutrals (Public Arbitrator)  
Experience as Arbitrator:
Mr. Matthews has served as arbitrator more than 150 times in a wide variety of disputes, beginning mostly with construction and subsequently including a broad range of commercial arbitration cases. For the past 10 years, he has conducted an average of 3-5 final arbitration hearings each year, issuing awards in most of those cases. In addition, Mr. Matthews usually has about 5-10 open arbitration files where he serves either as sole arbitrator or a member of a three-person panel. The majority of these arbitrations involve the conduct of preliminary hearings (usually by telephone) the issuance of preliminary orders and then the parties settle.
A small but representative sampling of some of the cases in which Mr. Matthews has served as arbitrator follows:

Served as arbitrator in ICSID arbitration against an African nation.

Served as party-nominated ICC arbitration involving the hospitality industry.

Served as arbitrator in an arbitration administered by the AAA involving the health care industry.

Served as sole arbitrator in a consumer class arbitration administered by the AAA involving the debt restructuring industry.

Served as sole arbitrator in AAA administered case involving claims arising out of the subprime mortgage industry.

Served as sole arbitrator in ad hoc arbitration involving claims between investor and issuer of mortgage backed security.

Served as party-appointed arbitrator in dispute administered by the ICC beteween Taiwanese corporation and U.S. based entertainment provider over landing rights for satellite transmissions into Taiwan.

Served as arbitrator (not chair) in multimillion dollar dispute administered by AAA involving sale of U.S. mortgage banking entity that result in Award of millions of dollars following more than 10 days of formal hearings.

Served as chair with party-appointed arbitrators in franchise dispute adminstered by AAA in technology employment field involving claim for millions of dollars resulting in award of substantial damages.

Served as chair with neutral arbitrators in ad hoc dispute involving sale of a business with claim for millions of dollars that result in an award of no compensation.

Served as sole arbitrator in multiple disputes administered by AAA under the Federal Multiple Peril Crop Insurance Common Crop Insurance Policy.

Served as arbitrator in cases administered by AAA involving class claims including one in which a Clause Construction Award is published on the AAA Class Action Docket. 

Mediation Experience:

Mr. Matthews has served as mediator in a number of business disputes during the past ten years.  Since receiving training and certification by the Florida Supreme Court as a Circuit Civil Mediator and being certified by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, he has begun to serve more frequently as mediator in complicated business disputes.